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Our humble beginnings stem back to the invention of our key product in 1984 – the retractable bollard.¬†Founded in 1986, the Urbaco Company has developed, grown, and has been shaped around this key product, which lead to the development of a continuously evolving line of products and services related to the world of public areas: site and street furnishings, fixed and removable bollards, technical bollards for energy supply and access control systems. Where innovation is key, Urbaco is constantly developing new products. With the use of the latest technology and a constant focus on quality, Urbaco redefines mobility to create a higher standard of living for today’s world. Thanks to our retractable bollards, we are the undisputed market leader for access control systems. Today Urbaco designs, builds, maintains and sells technological solutions for urban areas that protect sensitive areas where the security of buildings and people are critical. Based on a constant search for excellence and innovation, Urbaco has developed systems with extraordinary resilience to shocks and thus meet the highest demands in terms of impact strength: ASTM standards, PAS and DOS.

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