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Technical Support

For Technical Support please contact:

  • JHB Branch – 011 616 3222
  • PTA Branch – 012 348 0541
  • CPT Branch – 021 981 8227
  • DBN Branch – 031 569 1986


  1. Came Bpt South Africa Standard Terms and Conditions apply. They are available on our catalogues, on the back of our invoices or on request.
  2. A Job Card Form must be completed and accepted by you “our Customer“ before we go to site or on site if urgent but will need to be completed before work commences.
  3. A qualified representative of your Company “our Customer“ must always be present on site for all the time we are there to assist you. As you are our Customer we will not commence any activity with your Customers without your presence on the site.
  4. If your Customer calls us for external technical support – we will refer them back to you.
  5. You will have to give us at least 24 hours™ notice and wait for our confirmation (by telephone or in writing) of the availability of the system specialist.
  6. Our Technical Specialist will come out only for the commissioning of the system. It means that they will support you on the software, programming and on setting of the correct parameters. They will also assist you on fault finding if the system is already installed. They will not do the installation for you. They will not or pull out or run cables on your behalf.
  1. The estimated cost you will receive with the Job Card Form is based on your analysis of the problem. Should we find that the real situation is completely different than the call out invoice will be updated according to the time spent on site. Please understand that we book our external activities for several customers in the same day and we allocate a specific time to the each intervention. So if you are going to be late to your appointment we will have to leave your site anyway at the stipulated time indicated in the Job Card Form, as we have to be on time for the next appointment.
  2. If you “our customer“ have an account with us, we will apply the payment conditions established for your account. If you are a COD customer you will need to respect these payment conditions, i.e. you will have to pay the estimated cost indicated in the Job Card Form in advance. The final invoice will be adjusted at the conclusion of the external technical support activities and according to the time spent on site and travelling.
  3. Call out fees and travel costs are neither refundable nor subject to credit or discount.
  4. All prices are exclusive of VAT, where applicable.


External Technical Support:

Travel Costs:


R700.00 per hour excluding VAT

R3.50 per km (only applied outside the metropolitan areas of our branches or after 50km)

At cost value

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