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When the need for a parking system to be implemented arises, there are many subjects to consider.

First of all, it is important to clarify what is the main objective of the system.  It can be a simple mean to control the access of vehicles to the property to increase security of the customers, or maybe the need to take advantage of the opportunity to generate new revenues streams.

Then once this has been clarified is it also important to go into the details of the other subjects.

Apart from the Return On Investment (ROI), which is a very relevant subject, it is also important to consider what partner to choose, what is the experience you would like your customers to have, the technology platform of the systems and how open they are to future expansions or new features.  Another very important range of subjects to consider is the efficiency you want to obtain in terms of maintenance and energy consumption.

The Came Group for Parking Systems Solutions.

Whatever your objective is, the Came Group have solutions and opportunities to offer in order to reach it.

Our brands include Camewhich incorporate all the broad range of solutions.

Came Bpt, a world leader in audio video intercoms.

Came Parkare, specialised in the automatic parking and parking meter segment.

Came Urbaco, for urban planning and automatic bollards.

The Group’s numbers are clear: 26 branches in the world, 480 distributors, 6 production plants, 1 460 employees and a consolidated turnover of €255 million.

In South Africa, the Came Group has been present since 1968 with the company TRI which then became Came Bpt South Africa.  In South Africa we have an enormous experience in serving customers with a high level of technical knowledge and expertise. With 4 branches (Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban) and a huge network of partners the territory is completely covered and serviced.

Came Parkare has 35 years of experience, based in Barcelona (Spain), 240 employees and subsidiaries in UK, Italy, and South America.

More interesting is the huge amount of references: over 3.000 Off-Street car parks worldwide, over 20.000 On-Street parking meters and Guidance System for over 60.000 parking spaces.

The Group has some very prestigious references like Expo Milano 2015 where (21 million visitors in 6 months) or Expo Astana 2017 Expo (5 million visitors).

Came Parkare most prestigious references are Gatwick Airport in UK and Barcelona Airport in Spain. As far as Shopping Centres few well know names are El Corte Inglés Shopping Centre in Barcelona (Spain), with 36 centres. Ikea Barcelona, Bicocca in Italy, The Galleries and the Victoria Shopping Centre.

In Africa we have Kilimanjaro International Airport in Tanzania and a shopping centre in Maputo, Mozambique.

In South Africa there is already an On-Street system in Durban with 380 machines.

Why Came Group?

In order to answer this question, it is necessary to develop some main topics linked to the first paragraph: what to consider when designing and planning a Parking System for a commercial facility.

The Customer experience

Came Parkare solutions allows to create a pleasant and easy experience for the customer. Easy to use and easy to pay are at the root of the design criteria. The results are expressed in the following features:

  • “Ticketless” solutions such as:
    • using the credit card to enter, pay and exit.
    • using LPR as a virtual ticket
  • Paying by plate at the Automatic Payment Station
  • “Find My Car”
  • Pre-booking solutions
  • Flexible QR codes used for tickets and vouchers
  • Advanced Vehicle Guidance System using video cameras, ultrasonic and magnetic ground sensors
  • On Line Discounts Validation System and Cross Selling Opportunities
  • Manage advertising at the various units to promote special offers, events or information

The efficiency

To help increasing the efficiency of the facility, a parking system should have the following features, all covered by Came Parkare.

  • Reporting solutions with important details and the required summary for the facility.
  • Turbo Function: ticket issuing speed can be increased to avoid queues in rush hours
  • Tool-less: it is easy to remove internal devices.
  • MTBF (Main Time Between Failure). The use of first class component is paramount in order to increase this parameter. Came Parkare utilize components that have a proven track record and offer a high MTBF
  • The machines can work full time due to printers’ redundancy.
  • Remote connection and real time management. Came Parkare systems can work Off and On-line\
  • Energy management. Power wake-up of system at the presence of a user

All these features lead to less need for maintenance, higher security and lower cost to the advantage of the customer, the operator and the owner of the facility.

The technology

This is a summary of the technology and solutions which are available and can be selected according to the needs of the facility or the customer:

  • IP based systems, which in turn allows to have
    • Single site with multiple nested areas and pedestrian access door openers
    • Multi-parking Management, to monitor and manage several car parks simultaneously with just one single software
  • Multi Service Ticketing (kiosk).
    • In unattended car parks it has the same functionalities than a Manual Cashier
    • Purchase of parking products (i.e. subscriber card, etc.)
    • “Park and get discount” for Products and Services (i.e. Shops, Cinemas, Car-wash, etc.)
    • “Park and use promotions” (i.e. restaurants, shops, etc.)
  • User Welcoming: welcome messages when a user is detected
  • Audio and Video intercom
  • Integrated Access Control System
  • Licence Plate Recognition
  • Guidance System
  • Validators
  • Webb App for Mobile overview of the system (for the facility management)
  • Specific Mobile App dedicated to end customers have been developed for vertical solutions

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