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2 Wire Advances

PCS/XIP, (12.5MB)

PCS/XIP version 6.1.4.

PCS/XIP is a software package designed for the programming of the following BPT System Plants:

X1 – VA/01, A/01, /01Entry Panels and Handsets (Audio and Video)

XIP – VA/08, ETI Servers and /08 Entry Panels

GSM – MTMA/GSM including Display and Keypads

IP360 – IP Panels, IP Displays, ETI Servers.

Generic Devices – SIP Phones, Mobile Phones and HA Displays if Connected to BPT IP System.

Please Note: Permission to engage Mobile camera is disabled when called from IP Display for now on the Version 1.1.0 App.



Win 32_64usbdriver

windows8, (1.30MB)

Win 64_64usb_driver

windowsXpor7, (1.20MB)

Win 32_64usb_driver

windowsXpor7, (1.20MB)

bptcanf_setup GSM

Config. Set up, (5.29MB)

Configuration software for B-Cel Targha GSM intercom products like: GSM/I004, GSM/500 and their version in metal box.


Driver for MD-24u




Configuration software for ZK Access Control products.

1_0.18.5.26_01_201, (296MB)

Axtrax software for the configuration of Rosslare AC Units

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