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As indicated in our Terms and Conditions (indicated on the back side of our invoices and in our catalogues) our “Company may elect, at sole and absolute discretion, to accept the return of Products for a refund, exchange or repair.”

This scope of this Procedure is to give more clarity on the steps to be followed in order to return the goods that have been previously purchased and have left our warehouse.

This will allow a better service and fewer mistakes in the process.

This procedure does not consider the returning of faulty products to be repaired or products under warranty.

“In the event of Came Bpt South Africa accepting the return of Products correctly supplied a handling fee equivalent to 15% (fifteen per cent) of the value of the Products shall be levied”


  1. Request for Return Authorization.

This is valid for Products that have been invoiced and have already left Came Bpt South Africa warehouse.
In order to obtain a credit, the product must be returned within 30 days of purchase and to be complete with original instructions, packing and in unused conditions. Transport up to Came Bpt South Africa main warehouse or branch is at customer cost.

Before returning any product a “Request for return authorization” form must be filled in. Please ask your Sales Consultant or your Area Manager to send you the form. Alternatively, it can be downloaded here below.

The Sales Manager or the Branch Manager or a person delegated by them will analyse the request and send the “Request for Return Authorization” form to warehouse duly signed and filled on the commercial aspects. A handling charge of 15% is normally applied.

Came Bpt South Africa warehouse will confirm the authorization communicating a Return Material Authorization (RMA) Number.

The customer must issue a delivery document in compliance with the “Request for Return Authorization”, otherwise the return delivery will be rejected. The delivery document must accompany the goods and quote the RMA number.

  1. Inspection of goods at Came Bpt South Africa.

Goods and documents attached will be inspected by Came Bpt South Africa Main or Branch warehouse.

  • Products acceptable.

A product is acceptable if it can be put back into stock immediately and there is no evidence that the packaging has been opened and the products appear not to have been touched.

In case of any doubt, Warehouse will put the return procedure on hold and send the goods to Workshop for further investigation. Only when Workshop have confirmed that the goods are acceptable and can be put back into stock and have returned the goods to Warehouse, then the return process can start again.

Once products are booked back into stock, the Administration department will issue a credit note, and complete the “Request for return authorization” form and will file all the documents together.

A credit note is issued by Administration and sent to the customer.

If the process has not been followed the Administration department is not authorised to issue a credit note.

  • Products not acceptable.

In this case, or in case the products are not in compliance with the return form, the products will be returned to customer and transport will be at customer cost. In Sales Consultant or the Area Manager will communicate to the customer that goods are not acceptable and will be returned to the customer and transportation is at customer cost.

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