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BRED 2 wire kit


BRED 2 wire kit

Intercom Handset Kit with entry panel, 1 handset and PSU

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Product Description

The kit allows you to create an audio entry system with up to two calls with secrecy of speech intercom function and the option to expand the system by up to 4 internal handsets. The 2 wires include inter-communication and door release function. Kit composition: – A handset with 2 buttons, one to trigger a striker lock/activate a gate and the other for additional function. Possibility to reduce the call volume. – An entry panel, surface mount, with a single push button which enables you to serve 1 or 2 residences. The call button is backlit with a green LED. – A small power supplier, equipped with a rectifier that provides continuous voltage 18V-9VA and it is thermally and electronically protected against overload and short circuits.

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