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Came Bpt South Africais a branch of CAME Group, an industrial organization specialising in the design and manufacturing of access control equipment, with an annual sales turnover of Euro 250 Million (equivalent to R 4 billion), 1 800 employees and 25 direct branches in the world.

Came Bpt South Africais a leading supplier of a wide range of systems and solutions: from Intercom Systems, Domestic and Industrial Gate and Door Automation, Automatic Barriers, Turnstiles, Access Control, CCTV and Parking management solutions. The Company was founded in 1968 and employs 40 people. The headquarter is in Johannesburg and branches are in Durban, Cape Town and Pretoria.

The field “Access Control”is a very broad one and in its general definition it can include all our systems as we offer solutions to control the access to various premises and settings. With an Intercom System you control the access to an area or a building. Using a Gate or a Door Automation system you can control the access to a house or an office block. The same applies when you consider Automatic Barriers as they are designed to control access for vehicles. It is similar when we think about Turnstiles, which have the main application in settings to control the flow of persons in public or corporate environments. Even a Parking System, which is designed to also generate revenue, works controlling and allowing access in and out from a parking place.

In the electronic security environment, the definition of Access Control Systems is narrower then in the general definition. Access Control Systems are the ones which identify a person trying to enter a facility or to move inside one; if the person is identified and authorised to have access than the system activate a door, a gate or even an elevator.

Technology available and integration.

Whatever your interpretation of Access Control is, at Came Bpt South Africa we have all the available technologies in order to solve your problems or needs.

We can use several technologies available like proximity cards (RFID), tags, keypads, long range readers positioned inside vehicles, fingerprint readers and face recognition terminals. Recently the technology developments have also generated new possibilities which are called “mobile cards”. What does it mean? In essence it is now possible to use smart mobile phones and dedicated “apps” as recognition devices for access control systems. Smart phones today can utilize NFC (Near Field Communication) and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).

Access control manufacturers as Came, Bpt and Rosslare – which we use in our solution’s proposals – have developed security protocols which allow the use of smartphone as a credential for access control and automation applications. The ID code generated by the app is unique to the device and may be transferred easily by email to the system administrator.

The main benefit of these technologies is that the user is no longer obligated to carry a physical RFID card or tag. These new possibilities allow to have an alternative access control credential that is affordable and reliable. According to the application and the level of security required it is also possible to have combinations of credentials when it may be required to use a smartphone but also a physical one like a card or a tag.

The integration of the systems can also happen at different levels. It may be a simple activation of a CCTV camera when a certain zone has been accessed, and this is possible with Rosslare access control systems. It may also be an integration between intercom – gate automation and CCTV cameras, and this is possible using Came Connect, a specific platform developed by Came Group, to allow complete control. The interesting feature of Came Connect is that three kinds of users can have access to the system: the installer, the owner of the facilities and the end user. This open a complete new scenario of possibilities where notifications, event logs and alerts are communicated easily by SMS or email and preventive maintenance is becoming a concrete reality.

The three users have different profiles so it is possible to control the functions available to each one.

And did you know you can see on your smartphone who is coming to visit you at no extra cost? The new BPT XTS video receiver is equipped with a WiFi card and by a simple configuration can be connected to the internet. In this way you can use the video door entry system remotely via your smartphone or tablet.

And if you have an existing X1 BPT entry system, the conversion to the new XTS with WiFi capability is also very easy.

If you have ever imagined a technology which communicate in an easy way and informs you when and if there is a problem on your premises, then this is a reality now with Came Group and Came Bpt South Africa Solutions.

Picture 1: Came Connect

Picture 2: XTS connected to a smartphone.

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