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The innovative device from the CAME BPT range, elegant, ultra-compact and easy to install, is fully touch-screen and fitted with optical bonding technology, for guaranteed high image quality.

Treviso, 11 September 2018– Elegant, ultra-compact, intelligent and customisable: four adjectives which best describe XTS, the new hands-free video-intercom by CAME BPT, designed to integrate design with user experience. The range of internal derivatives, compatible with 2 cable (x1), hybrid (XIP) and fully digital (IP360) video-intercom systems, is the result of intense research and development activities at CAME– an Italian Group, a leading supplier of integrated technological solutions for the automation of home, public and urban interiors. The Group’s tireless dedication to the development of aesthetic solutions which increasingly respond to modern interior design requirements, is truly palpable in this range.


– elegant and ultra-compact

– maximum customisation

– easy to install thanks to magnetic locks

– optical bonding technology

– video recording and voicemail

– integration with CCTV

– remote management with App thanks to CAME

Elegant and ultra-compact

Conceived to bring technology and elegance to the home and thanks to its advanced functionalities coupled with a modern and refined design, the new CAME video-intercom enhances any kind of interior. Fitted with a monitor from 5″ to 7″, available in 6 different models, in white and black as well as an in-built, wall-mounted and table version, XTS enables the customisation of all home interiors. It also distinguishes itself in virtue of its compact size: an impressive 11 mm thick in the in-built version, 24 mm if wall-mounted.

Easy to install and fitted with optical bonding technology

XTS is easy and quick to install, thanks to new and exclusive magnetic locks which enable rapid access to connections, further proof of the Group’s dedication to simplifying the installer’s work. The fully touch-screen monitor is conceived withoptical bonding technology,which reduces reflections, enhances screen contrast, guarantees better image quality and enables device installation even near windows and light sources.


XTS also presents a user friendly and highly customisable graphical interface, enabling professionals to offer the most suitable solution for each living solution: from first level,where the user can make changes to configurations via basic functions, such as changing the number and order of icons for each page and changing preconfigured background colours, right up to atotal customisation level.Special software, UI Creator, enables the installer to customise the home page and other screenswith any background image and customisable buttons which can be positioned anywhere on the screen as well as the elimination of unused icons, for a tidier and more functional screen. For condominium and collective contexts (residential and office facilities), the graphical configuration software also enables the application of common settings for various monitors located in the same building (layout, colours and icons), while also providing for specific types of customisation, such as the insertion of company logos in work places such as offices and professional firms.

Remote management via App

The 7″ models integrate a WI-FI module which enables connection to the Cloud without the use of auxiliary devices: thanks to CAME Connect technology,the system can be fully managed in remote via the VideoEntry App, so that the user can take video-intercom calls, open the door, switch on lights in the entrance and view the area outside the home in real time, from their smartphone.

Video recording, voicemail

The PT CAME video-intercom also enables audio and video recording of calls in progress and a courtesy message, associated with the activation of the video-intercom answer phone service, whenever you are unable to answer. A notification system also enables the user to access a missed calls register, complete with dates and times for each call.Professional firms, businesses and shops can programme automatic door or gate opening during specific time periods, for each outside call.

Messaging functionality

In buildings with a concierge service, the XTS messaging functionality can be used for managing communication between tenants and the concierge. The system is designed to guarantee the total protection of tenants’ sensitive data, while offering the concierge a convenient and powerful communication tool. Residents can respond to messages or simply send a notice without calling concierge services, for example with a request for prompt notification of parcel delivery. The concierge can select tenants to whom specific notices must be sent, such as for maintenance works on a single floor of the building, thus sending it only to those affected.

XTS is the ideal solution for bringing connectivity to existing CAME BPT 2 wire systems, thanks to the integrated WI-FI module, present in the 7″ model for the X1 system. This is a significant advantage, both for the installer and end user, because they no longer need to replace the entire system, rather they just need change the internal monitor, connect it to the home router and enjoy all the benefits of remote management.


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