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CAME provides technology at London's Gatwick airport


CAME’s parking system operates eight parking zones at the UK’s second-largest airport, a transit point for over 45 million passengers each year.

CAME, the market-leading Italian group, manufacturer of integrated automated technologies for public and urban environments, have delivered the automated parking management system for one of London’s largest airports – Gatwick. With over 45 million passengers travelling through the airport each year, Gatwick required a robust system that can deliver.

To develop such a system, CAME have exploited the knowledge of group brand, CAME Parkare, specialists in automated parking management systems across the globe with no less than 50 airport parking management systems installed worldwide. With a flexible approach and a customizable system, CAME Parkare can provide a solution that meets the technological demands of an ever expanding aviation travel hub sector.


With almost 40,000 car parking spaces across a 300,000m2  site, Gatwick provides one of the UK’s biggest, and most challenging, car parking management projects. The site boasts 8 car parking areas. These range from short & long term, Premium parking with fast terminal access, as well as valet parking and storage areas. Each of these areas are governed by a seasonal tariff change that provides a continuous demand for flexibility on the system. With over 400,000 monthly operations on the management system, the requirements are vast and complex.



–  Integrated parking-facility management

–  Pre-booking service

–  All payment methods

–  License plate recognition

In order to cope with the pressurized demands of this complex system, CAME has developed a fully customized solution that has the ability to cope with both the high volume of traffic on the system, as well managing an ever changing environment that is unforgiving of downtime. The robust PKE hardware is controlled from a remote station within the Gatwick facility, managing all 8 parking zones and their individual tariff requirements and complexities. Using the cloud-based Lince technology, CAME Parkare’s R&D team have worked closely with Gatwick and Empark to develop a fully bespoke off-street parking solution that features a pre-booking service, vehicle access, pre-payments, contactless payments, electronic purses, access control, all of which have been developed and deployed at Gatwick..

CAME’s PKE system operates through a network of automatic devices regulating access, payments and log all activities across the entire site. The system also provides monitoring and maintenance actions from a remote station, therefore minimizing the need for immediate on-site support staff.

The Lince Cloud software – is at the heart of CAME’s system. With it, the airport can accept bookings and prepayments while providing the user-friendly payment solutions, such as, pay-by-phone, credit card, contactless and cash, so patrons may quickly and smoothly access the parking facilities with QR-format tickets. The software also provides real-time supervision of the parking system, via PCs, Tablets and Smartphones. An ANPR system allows real time recognition of number plates.


CAME has proven, yet again, an ability to design and deliver highly-customized, scalable solutions for complex settings. Using cutting-edge video camera recognition software to ID license plate, CAME have delivered a system that can fully integrate with the Gatwick’s pre-booking and ticket systems to deliver a solution that is expandable and open to future developments.


CAME is a leading multinational supplying integrated technological solutions for home, business and public- venue automation that generate intelligent spaces for the wellbeing of people.

The Group develops operators for entrances, home-and-building automation and burglar-proof systems, along with video entry intercom systems, heating management systems and sectional doors for homes and factories. It also offers solutions for special, large projects and for urban decor, automatic parking management systems and parking meters for pay-to-park facilities, plus entrance control and security at public venues.

Owned by the Menuzzo family, CAME S.p.A. is extremely proud of its Italian heritage. With a capillary network of 480 branch offices and licensed distributors, in 118 countries, the company’s head office is located in Dosson di Casier, in the province of Treviso, Italy. Its six plants are located in Sesto al Reghena (Pordenone, Italy), Spilimbergo (Prodenone, Italy), Avignon (France), Barcelona, (Spain) and London, (England). The company has over 1,460 employees and sales of over 255 million euros in 2016.

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