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CAME BPT are proud to supply CAME motors with 24 months limited warranty after delivery.

  • This warranty can be extended to 36 months by registering Your and your installation details on our website.
  • Batteries carry a six month warranty due to the nature of the product.
  • All warranties on new products and repairs on Came products are regulated by Terms & Conditions available on request.
  • The extension to 36 months warranty applies only to products manufactured and / or branded CAME.
  • Other products sold by Came Bpt South Africa carry the third party / manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The Warranty period commences to run from the time the product has been invoiced by Came Bpt South Africa.
  • The warranty covers all defects in the motor but is not intended to cover normal wear and tear within each product’s declared life expectancy.
  • Please note that the warranty is honoured at our premises. In other words, the product must be taken in to one of Came Bpt South Africa Branches, or to the authorised Came Bpt South Africa re-seller where the product was purchased from.
  • Also note that installations must be serviced at regular intervals according to usage, a correctly completed maintenance record should be provided.
  • A minimum maintenance scheme could be considered as the following for residential applications:
  • Systems used up to 20 uses per day should be serviced once every 12 months.
  • Systems used 20 to 50 times per day should be serviced twice per year.
  • Systems used over 50 times per day should be serviced quarterly.
  • No unauthorised additions and adjustments should be made to the system by a 3rd party.

When registering with CAME BPT you receive the following benefits:

  • Immediate proof of purchase/installation.
  • Receive a warranty receipt via email with the extension to 36 months.



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The information you have provided will be used for keeping a record of your CAME Automation Installation, for warranty validation purposes only. We will NOT use your private data for any further sales or marketing purposes and we will not sell your information to anyone.

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