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Came Domotic 3.0: smart technology to adapt your home to the lifestyle of the people who live in it

The innovative Came home automation system gives you total control over your home, even from your smartphone and tablet, so you can manage comfort and security within the home environments, with a focus on energy saving.

Putting technology at the service of people, so they can manage all the automated devices in their home simply, according to their lifestyle: this sums up Came Domotic 3.0, the innovative home automation system developed by Came. Designed to improve the comfort and wellbeing of people inside the home, Came Domotic 3.0 creates a living space tailored to individual needs, saving you time and energy. It makes it easy for each user to manage the devices installed in their home according to their own habits, controlling them from the touchscreen terminal installed in the apartment or connecting via their smartphone or tablet from the car or office.
All the automated devices in the home – from automation to lighting, the video entry system to temperature control, the sound system to the burglar alarm – are fully integrated with each other to manage any space intelligently and offer the ultimate in comfort and security. The new Came home automation system, characterised by ease of programming and complete system connectivity, reflects the focus of the Treviso-based company on technological innovation and design, and its vocation to manufacture products and solutions that are 100% Made in Italy, able to add value to the homes they are installed in. Came Domotic 3.0 is ideal for both new and existing buildings, because thanks to radio-controlled devices, it can be installed without the need for building work.

On the website www.came-domotic.com, designed especially by Came to introduce the new frontiers of home automation, you can find examples of technology designed to manage various sizes of setting, even those that are on the small side such as one-bedroom and studio apartments. Came Domotic 3.0 is, in fact, a modular solution, designed to be extended at any time according to the growing needs of the homeowner.

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