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CAME S.p.A., a group well-known both in Italy and worldwide, has been operating in the Home & Building Automation sector for over forty years. Cutting-edge technologies, soundness, efficiency and design are among the principles that guide the company in the design and implementation of technological solutions designed not only to meet today’s needs, but also to anticipate future requirements.

It is with this spirit that Came has embarked on its Access to Innovation projects, an ambitious path of innovation, research and development whose goal is to revolutionise the very concept of automation to create all-round technological solutions. Today, the Group aims to be a global partner which, thanks to investments in R&D, can satisfy the needs of a world in which connectivity plays a key role.

In 1994 CAME entered the South African market forming a collaboration with Time Recorder & Intercom (TRI) becoming the sole distributor for the group in South Africa. The company has evolved over 20 years and today CAME BPT South Africa (Pty) Ltd is a full subsidiary of the CAME Group, with access to all systems and solutions from a worldwide network. Whether the application is residential, commercial, building or large public spaces there is always a solution from CAME global partner.

The South African market is unique in the world of security and local circumstances provide challenges faced by no other worldwide. At CAME BPT we are committed to understanding the local situation and providing solutions using the available technology in the most effective way to suit customer needs.

We complement our superb product development with experienced technical and sales support that enables to uphold the historical values of CAME maintaining honesty and integrity with our customer base. This is all part of the deal when purchasing a CAME BPT product or solution.

With all of this in mind and with the objective of proposing new solutions for the South African market a complete new catalogue has been developed.

It is full of innovative solutions for all the automation needs. The “Power Start Technology“ a solution to a load shedding environment, the new sliding and swing motors, strong, powerful and fast, the Came Connect technology and the new range of barriers are some of the innovations that CAME BPT is proud to present in the catalogue you are going to see.

Discover all the new solutions in the new CAME catalogue!

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