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The problemof dedicated parking spaces.

In the contest of Parking Management there are often specific areas where the Parking Management organization has to take care of selected parking spaces which are reserved for disabled persons or have to be reserved for persons who works inside the facility and must have a parking space guaranteed for them.

It can happen in a Shopping Centre where disabled persons have the right to find their parking place nearby the entrance or the Centre Management personnel have dedicated parking bays. Or it can be applied to hospitals, training centres, universities, sporting facilities or even in government departments.

In these cases, the challenge for the Parking Management company is to make sure that these reserved spaces remain available only to the persons they are designed and reserved for. We all know that in reality it is not easy to be able to watch all these reserved spaces and we also know that sometime a visitor in a rush tends to leave the car in these spaces.

This creates an unpleasant experience for all the persons concerned. The person planning to park in his dedicated space does not find it available. The person parking in the wrong space is going to face a complaint from the management company and in some cases the officer makes use of a wheel lock clamp in order to keep the rules in place. The final result is that all the parties involved in these problems end up with an annoying experience.

The benefits of UNIPARK become a solution to the problem.

Unipark is the innovative idea to reserve a parking space using a radio transmitter, the same remote which is used for the automation of the gate or the garage door. It can guarantee that the parking spaces are protected in every situation and that only the authorised person can park in that specific area.

Somebody not allowed simply cannot park on that spot as the barrier of Unipark is in the up position. Unipark features an irreversible electrical motor which cannot be forced without damaging the car trying to do it.

It is designed to have a battery backup in emergency mode during power outages.

Safety is guaranteed by the amperometric obstacle detection device and the limit switches. So if an obstacle is detected it stops moving.

The system can be easily installed thanks to a practical anchoring base and comes in two different models (Small and Large barrier) depending on width of the parking space. One control panel can manage, thanks to the extension card, up to four Uniparks for maximum efficiency and cost containment

The Small barrier is designed for reserving adjacent parking spaces that are up to maximum 2 m wide.

For disabled persons or for clearance width of the parking spaces up to 2.45m the Large barrier provides greater control of the spaces.

In summary these are the advantages of the Unipark Solution:

  • It is ideal for all environments where it is necessary to protect private or authorised personnel parking facilities.
  • It is available with 2 different barriers, Small up to 2m and Large up to 2.45 clearance width of parking space.
  • Up to a maximum of 4 Unipark devices can be connected to the same panel to reduce the cost of the systems.
  • It also offers simple access to parking spaces with a single radio control operation.
  • The system works at 24V. This allows for automatic detection when any power failures occur and activates emergency operation using backup batteries.

Picture 1. Unipark

Picture 2. PKM Parking system

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