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About Us

BPT SPA was founded in Italy in 1953 as a company manufacturing and marketing patented inventions, BPT soon began to specialise in the design and production of the first “technological” domestic devices. During the 1960’s BPT brought to market a number of authentic inventions that were truly innovative for the period such as back-lit doorbells, audio entry panels, push-to-talk entry systems and the historic “Flint” piezoelectric lighter.


That innovative spirit has continued throughout the years and the present product range leads the way technologically as it has always done for half a century. Simplicity, easy to use, quality and exceptional design have been distinctive characteristics of the BPT brand throughout the years.

BPT has been present in South Africa since 1968 through TRIBPT, and its products have found their way into thousands of households, buildings and complexes. The quality of the products are complemented by skilled, friendly sales and technical support, no matter whether a system is 20 years old, 1 year old or yet to be sold – it’s all part of the deal when purchasing a product from BPT.

Since December 2011, BPT has been part of the Came Group, an international entity with its
headquarters in the province of Treviso, which operates successful in the sectors of automation of security and of controlling domestic and shared environments and large public areas, with efficient innovative products and solutions that aim to improve the quality of life.

The integration of these two entities had the aim of developing Made in Italy industrial excellence, capable of offering a wide range of integrated solutions characterised by high technology, functionality and design, backed up by prompt, effective and professional service. The Group has strong links to its Italian roots and has 1080 employees and 480 subsidiaries and distributors scattered in 118 countries of the world, with a turnover in continuous and constant growth.



Residential or small to medium business applications:

  • These are our products that are most likely to be used in residences, town-houses or small business complexes and include audio and video intercoms with expandability up to 7 handsets per household, apartment systems up to 100 apartments, GSM intercoms, stand-alone, entry-level access control, as well as door closers and hardware.


Commercial applications:

  • These are our products that are best suited for commercial applications and include audio and video intercoms, access control with great scope of expandability on digital, IP HD-SDI and GSM platforms.


BPT is one of the world’s leading brands in audio and video entry systems. Its technological platforms include multi-wire analogue, two-wire digital, IP and GSM systems. From single residences, one-to-one systems, to large residential developments with virtually limitless expandability. Research, design, development, production and service – all 100% Italian.

CAME has been making the broadest range of automated products for residential and industrial gates, parking systems and access control, and developing home-automation and security systems since 1972. CAME is represented in over 130 countries in the world. The CAME range of products and solutions available in South Africa are: Sliding and swing gate motors, Traffic barriers, Automated Garage doors, Automated Industrial doors, Automatic doors, Parking systems and Access control.

The B-Cel GSM intercom range offers unmatched versatility in both aesthetics and functionality. You get to choose the product that is right for your needs.

Rosslare products offer a vast choice of options: from harsh environment and all weather systems to biometric integrated readers, convertible, secured readers and controllers, video enabled access control panels as well as networked and stand-alone readers and controllers.

The company that invented the retractable bollard has created more than six models of bollards to meet the aesthetic, technical and security needs of its customers.

PARKARE is a leading Spanish business group in the automation, control, management, distribution and subsequent maintenance and updating of systems and equipment for improving urban mobility.

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